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The META Scholar

Volume 8

   (May 2016 - English) - NEW

Volume 8

   (August 2015 - English) 


The META Scholar

Volume 7

   (December 2014-English) 


Volume 1 

(December 2012-English)


META Herald is Here!

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Please log into your account now or register to access our latest issue under "BLOGS AND NEWSLETTER".  Also, we want to thank everyone who contributed to helping make volume a success. Finally, we are now accepting NEW articles for our next journal so hurry up and send us an email.



The META Scholar

Volume 3


The META Scholar

Volume 2

(May 2012-English)

El erudito META

(May 2012-Español)

TMS Volume 2


VOLUNTEER to be an author!


     We are alwayslooking for authors and peer reviewers to submit articles for the next T.M.S. edition. T.M.S. has sections for current BMET or CE veterans as well as students to write about your knowledge. T.M.S. is focused on education so our articles lean toward the didactic side.

     Article subjects can include, but not limited to, any of the following topics:

1. Historical figures who contributed to medicine and medical technology.

2. Articles about life on campus as a BMET student.

3. Medical device, theory of operation, maintenance strategies, or troubleshooting.

4. History of medical devices (my favorite).
5. Game master (games or puzzles related to medical technology).

6. Applied Science (Computer science, Physics, biology, chemistry, as applied to BMET, CE).

7. Certification review articles (CBET, CLES, CRES, CCE, CET exams).

8. Biomedical Equipment Networking to include security.

Also, writing T.M.S. articles helps you:

  • Increase your visibility with peers

  • Receive points towards certification

  • Allow you to mentors others in HTM

  • Improve your communication skills

     For information and to submit articles, please contact


What is MDISS?

Medical Device Information Safety & Security (MDISS) protects the public health and its well-being by advancing computer risk management practices to ensure wide availability of innovative and safe medical devices. Read its goals and objectives as well as become a member to help the fight to secure our medical device networks from unwanted intrusion.


AAMI Invites Comments on CMS Maintenance Announcement

AAMI is inviting comments and recommendations from interested parties on a recent U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announcement that manufacturer-recommended maintenance frequencies are required for all equipment critical to patient health and safety.

The comments, which can be submitted here, will help guide the next steps of an informal coalition of interested parties that was formed to discuss the Dec. 2 announcement, which was greeted with dismay by many hospital-based healthcare technology management professionals.

The full CMS memorandum is available here (PDF).



The META Scholar!

Volume 1

The META Scholar

(Jan 2012-English)

El erudito META

(Jan 2012-Español)


Collaborate with Healthcare Technology Management Professionals in Biomed, Clinical Engineering, etc.

Join META.
The Medical Equipment & Technology Association (META) continues to extend free memberships to individual healthcare technology management professionals, students, and associates.

In addition, META offers distinctive memberships to educators and society leaders. These categories allow members to post special information about the educational programs and associations that support the development and growth of our profession.

This year, make a commitment to your profession. Consider joining and working with international associations like META, regional and national associations, and your local electronics and engineering programs.



 Specifically founded to address the needs of technicians and managers in depots, in the field, and in hospitals, META is pleased to see the increased opportunities available from other organizations such as AAMI (, FMESA (, ACCE (, and local Biomed/CE associations ( the last few years. Building on our strengths, META collaborates with organizations to promote the interests of our profession.



The Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Medical Equipment & Technology Association

“Servicing Technology for Life”


Forum Recommends Unified Name, Vision for Field

Full Press Release:

Dear professional:


The Medical Equipment & Technology Association (META) Board of Directors and Officers is pleased to forward on an important press release from an AAMI facilitated summit on the future of our profession.

The Board of Directors and Officers of META support the vision of a unified, collaborative profession. Where possible, we have been working with organizations such as AAMI, FMESA, and the ACCE to enhance our combined efforts or to avoid duplication on projects.

The Board and Officers encourage META each member to carefully review, comment as you see appropriate, and support the effort to unify our profession now and in the future. Your feedback and your support are an integral step in establishing collaboration.



Dustin K. Telford CBET, CRES, CLES


Medical Equipment & Technology Association

“Biomeds: Servicing Technology for Life”


Announcing E2L !

META Members can now access Equipment End of Life information via a searchable database which also has the actual letters from the manufacturer for many of the devices. This is an exciting addition to the benefits of being a META member - take it for a drive and let us know how you like it.

E2L Database


Title Search Mission Complete!

After conducting an extensive survey of those in the medical equipment and technology service/support field, we would like to announce that BIOMED was selected by an overwhelming majority as a standardized title for our profession.

META will use Biomed as its official designation for those professionals in the medical equipment and technology service/support field. This will help to eliminate the confusion of different professional titles used by so many in the field and increase our profession's exposure to the public, helping to drive interest in the field and generate future growth.


Event Calendar

META has just launched an events calendar to help keep you informed of local, regional and national conferences and educational events. If your organization has an event you would like to have listed, please send an e-mail to . Be sure to include the dates, organization name and a brief description of the event. You may also include a url (web address) where visitors can find more information.



META has the mission of being the focal point for resources, networking, and activities that will promote growth and unity for all in this profession.

Through this mission, the primary purpose of META is to contribute to the improvement of healthcare delivery through development and improvement of the personnel, processes and techniques related to the management and support of healthcare technology.

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